Auto Transport

Inter-City Auto Transport can handle any automobile shipment and you can rest assured that our team of highly-trained professionals will handle your vehicle as if it were our own. Whether you are buying a new car from across the country or moving a few states away, we will build a custom order based on your situation and budget. Open transport, enclosed transport, shipping an inoperable or oversized vehicle can all be handled safely and efficiently when you trust the experts who have real transportation industry experience. We will walk you through the process from start to finish and answer any questions that you may have resulting in a stress free move with no surprises.

Helpful Hints for Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

  • Make sure you represent your vehicle honestly to us. When a driver shows up to find that a vehicle has not been described accurately, additional fees will apply and it may result in the dispatch being cancelled. As long as we know all of the specifics about a vehicles condition, including any modifications, we can send a truck that has the appropriate equipment to safely and legally ship your vehicle.
  • We need accurate contact information for both the origin and the destination with someone reasonably available at each location. If one or both locations are businesses, we will need to know the available hours to ensure the most efficient transport.
  • Your vehicle will need to be reasonably clean to ensure a proper inspection. Removable luggage racks, bike racks and ski racks will need to be removed. Any alarm systems will also need to be disarmed for the duration of the transport.
  • Car covers are not allowed on open transport.
  • One full set of keys must be provided to the driver.
  • Paperwork for the purchase or sale of your vehicle should be sent directly to the receiver, not sent with the vehicle unless absolutely necessary for overseas shipments.