Boston, MA Auto Transport Services

Boston, MA Auto Transport Services

You may be getting ready for a big move and have most things figured out, including the movers who are going to haul all your belongings for you, but have considered how you’re going to transport your vehicle? Instead of wrestling back and forth with the notion of driving it yourself, think about all the advantages of hiring a professional auto shipping company to handle everything for you, such as it cutting down on travel expenses and the wear and tear on your car as well as reducing the risk of being involved in a traffic accident.
You might not know exactly where to begin when searching for an auto transport company, but it’s never a bad idea to get recommendations from friends, family or co-workers. Also reading online reviews from previous clients that have utilized a particular shipper can give you a really good perception of the type of service you might receive. You want to ensure that the carrier you select is insured and well-qualified to handle your vehicle with care and deliver it on time to your final destination.
At Inter-City Auto Transport, Inc., our agents are constantly working to provide potential and existing clients with the best possible price for shipping their car. The hard work and extra effort we put in is why so many come to us day after day in search of an instant and free quote. Filling out our form is fast and to the point. All we need is minimal information from you to get started, and from there we’ll be able to initiate the procedure of setting you up with one of our licensed and bonded trucks nationwide.
A lot of knowledge and planning goes into relocating a car, and there’s no one better to have on your side than Inter-City Auto Transport, Inc. Our agents have been expertly trained to not only coordinate the entire transport process from beginning to end, but also to communicate effectively and in a timely manner with each of our clients along the way so that they may feel confident and secure in their choice of a shipping company.

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